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“you specialize in customer satisfaction....” Les

“Simply and elegantly outstanding in every way comes close to describing my five days at Island House. The staff was both professional and very friendly. The accommodations-rooms, landscaping, public areas and private spaces- matched and often exceeded the best resorts here and abroad. The menu was full of delightful and healthy choices. And eating and drinking surrounded by naked men was literally breathtaking! Many thanks.” Jim

“To say that you exceeded our expectation is an understatement. Wow! We expected an exciting fun, open atmosphere and frisky clientele - which Island House delivered. But we were amazed to find this übergay experience set within the highest standards of luxury and service. From the moment we checked in, we felt pampered by both the staff and the beautifully appointed rooms. Better than the finest hotels we’ve seen.” John and Jeff

“As college students, we were nervous about going to our first gay -exclusive resort. Our worries need never have existed! Your staff entertained us with witty comments, great dining and recreation suggestions, and overall kindness. Even better that the amazing days we spent at Island House was our meeting of new and life-long friends, returning home with great stories to tell and one of the most memorable Spring Breaks we have ever had. Believe me when I say we cannot wait to come back and eat your amazing food, visit with the staff, spend long nights in the incredible rooms, and chat it up with the other guests. Thank you for an amazing time!” Derrick and Craig

“The moment I turned the key and opened the door, I gasped! Oh. My. God. I just found heaven!! The room was exceptional 5 star accommodations maintained by an impeccable staff. The attention to detail was evident everywhere, in the room, through the grounds, the pool area, and the bar and restaurant. The staff were delightful and really made me feel right at home. We’ve found our slice of paradise, and we’ll definitely be back for more!” Lloyd and Phil

“The staff is truly unsurpassed. It amazed me that we were always treated like we were the only guests there. I felt our happiness and comfort was truly the reason the staff enjoyed their jobs” Stephen and William

“I know of no other facility anywhere around the globe that focuses so completely on making your stay the most wonderful and enjoyable you could ever imagine” Stephen and Sterling

“I’d like to thank you for offering me such a wonderful place to escape from everyday life! It’s awesome to be in a place where what I look like, what I do for a living, how much I’m worth, and where I’m from do not matter. I’m accepted for who I am and welcomed with open arms. The Island House has a magical way of opening our mind to endless possibilities.” David

“I’ve spent three of my best holidays ever with you at Island House. There’s never a dull moment. the other men are interesting and diverse. The accommodating staff go out of their way to answer each question and meet each request. With a fabulous poolside restaurant, amenities that surpass those offered by any other guesthouse, and beautiful vistas on and from the sundeck, why look elsewhere?” John

“I just wanted to thank you for a truly incredible stay at the Island House. There was never a time that we had an empty drink, never a time that I couldn’t find a dry towel, and never a moment when the overall mood by the pool wasn’t happy. We’ll be making Island House a regular vacation spot from now on. Congratulations on the beautiful property, the great staff, and awesome service.” Steve and Vance

“Island House is just pure indulgence” Victor

“I want to take a moment and thank everyone. Your attention to detail and your personable employees all work together to create a wonderful experience; superb! Thank you for your gracious hospitality and for making my stay wonderful." Pierre

“I just wanted to let you all know that I had the time of my life during my stay with you a couple of weeks ago. The resort was gorgeous, beautifully maintained, and the staff went out of their way to be attentive and personable. The entire atmosphere of Island House was relaxing yet fun without being frantic. This was the first vacation I have ever been on that I truly haven’t wanted to leave. I will most definitely return again and again." Kevin.

My partner and I stayed at the Island House for the first time. We were totally impressed with the resort. The beds were super comfortable. We loved the décor. The staff was always so helpful and friendly. The food was superb. The grounds and facilities were always clean. The pool and hot tubs were just right. We are definitely coming back!" Steven

This was our first time staying at the Island House and we genuinely appreciated your professionalism, quality customer service, care, attention to details, hospitality and warmth shown toward us from the first day until the last." Bryce & Ethan

I just wanted to say how much fun I had staying at the Island House. Everyone was really nice, as were the rooms. This was like my first big gay adventure and it was awesome. Everyone was really nice. In fact I plan on coming back in October." Travis

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